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Simplify Your Move with SilkWay. The ultimate solution for a stress-free relocation.
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Moving your business and family can be "heavy" and overwhelming.

About Us

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We are Reut and Rony .

We met sharing the same kindergarten for our daughters. While playground swings, we spoke about the importance of the individual relocation journey. Even if the goal is known the way to it – is so much more important. It has the ability to make or break a target end result.


We both believe that with a detailed pre planning, a relocation project is something you and your family could enjoy and not simply- mark as V in the checklist.

Reut is the co-founder of Silkway, which was founded after experiencing the challenges and complexities of relocation firsthand.

 I know how overwhelming that can be navigating through facebook groups and google.

I’m an MBA graduate from the Reichman university, with 10  years of HR and operation experience as well as founding a Startup in the US. 


My ambition is to be of help to you with every question from the smallest and marginal thing to the questions that keep you up at night

As the co-founder of SilkWay, Rony is the operative and finance side of the business. 

After 13 years working in international banking, corporate side and private side, understanding the importance of financial structure and life organization, I decided to spend more time helping people accomplish their dream of relocating for success.

I’m an expert in tackling complex projects and admiration.

... from finding the perfect new home to handling the logistical details to being your best friend until you feel comfortable ...

they say

Anytime, Anywhere

Alon, directot

Managing Director at
Intel Ignite - Tel Aviv

Relocation has so many administrative tasks and in parallel you still need to manage your company.

Silkway allows you to stay focused on the business, while the relocation tasks are being completed.


Director of Recoveries at Forter

landing in a new country and entering a furnished apartment has allowed me to stay calm for my family. I had a plan scheduled for the first week and knew exactly what I was going to do.

Always having someone to call for support - is the reason to choose SilkWay. 


Co-Founder & CEO at Lightspin

The Visa process is crucial. It is time consuming and stressful.

Working with SilkWay took the burden away making it time efficient.  Personally it allowed me to focus on my family and business.

Couple's Shadow

Michal & Eyal

לרעות ורוני המקסימות,

רצינו להודות לכם על העבודה המשותפת במהלך המעבר שלנו לארצות הברית.

העבודה איתכן הייתה נעימה ומאד סייעה לנו במעבר. אתן מבינות לעומק את החוויה האישית וגם את הלוגיסטיקות הנדרשות להעביר חיים שלמים למדינה אחרת. בזכותן המעבר שלנו היה מוצלח וגם הרגשנו שיש לנו תמיכה בכל שלב ומתי שנצטרך.

המון תודה, מעריכים ואוהבים
מיכל ואייל

With SilkWay it could be like a walk in the park.

We will walk with you and your family, hand in hand- realizing your relocation dream and making it a seamless as possible

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